Apples To Apples Isn’t The Right Answer

Post written by Jason Forge, Insurance Agent | Avid Golfer | Service Above Self | Family Man

How many times as a consumer have you heard an insurance agent say “Let me provide you an apples to apples quote?”  Or maybe that’s what you asked for because you thought it was the best way to decide whether to move your insurance to a new provider.

But let’s stop and really think about this “apples to apples” approach for a minute…

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Krueger & James Sponsors “Let’s Get Jazzed!” – American Diabetes Association of Kansas City

Post written by Joseph Herren, Insurance Professional at Krueger & James Insurance Agency | Exercise Enthusiast | Family Man | Devoted Christ Follower

On Thursday, April 17th, Krueger & James had the privilege of sponsoring and attending “Let’s Get Jazzed“, a benefit for the American Diabetes Association of Kansas City.

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Long Term Care Insurance: Do Your Homework Ahead Of Time

Post written by Scott Pearson, Sales Manager at Krueger & James Insurance  

As the only son, oftentimes my two older sisters rely on me to give my parents news they may not want to hear. I accept that duty with the knowledge that “someone has to do it” and it might as well be me.

This past Easter Sunday our family had a discussion with my 85-year-old father about what options he had regarding his comfort and care as his health unfortunately continues to fail. If you’re reading this, you may have already had that discussion with someone, are in the process, or will have to address this topic in the future. Needless to say, it’s not easy.

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Antique Cars: Be Sure To Protect Your Baby!

Post written by Brad James, Customer Service Representative, Krueger & James Insurance

The term “baby” in this case means a car someone treats like a baby. It’s kept in a garage that has as much security as Fort Knox.  They only drive it on sunny, 75 degree days – and even then they cringe when another car gets within 30 feet. So how do you properly protect such a treasure?

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What Is Ice Damming And Is It Covered By Insurance?

Post written by Jason Forge, Insurance Agent | Avid Golfer | Service Above Self | Family Man

Ice damming is becoming more and more prevalent today and I’ve had a few customers call to ask if it’s covered. Ice damming is a layer of ice that is built up at the edge of the roof and prevents melting snow from draining properly off the roof.  Over time, ice damming will cause your roof to leak inside your building or home and oftentimes causes quite a bit of damage.

So is this a covered claim?

The answer is “It depends”.

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