What Is Ice Damming And Is It Covered By Insurance?

Post written by Jason Forge, Insurance Agent | Avid Golfer | Service Above Self | Family Man

Ice damming is becoming more and more prevalent today and I’ve had a few customers call to ask if it’s covered. Ice damming is a layer of ice that is built up at the edge of the roof and prevents melting snow from draining properly off the roof.  Over time, ice damming will cause your roof to leak inside your building or home and oftentimes causes quite a bit of damage.

So is this a covered claim?

The answer is “It depends”.

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Ever Had Customers That Won’t Pay? Credit/Bad Debt Insurance May Help.

Post written by Joseph Herren, Insurance Professional at Krueger & James Insurance Agency | Exercise Enthusiast | Family Man | Devoted Christ Follower

I was at the grocery store the other day when I came into contact with an acquaintance I’d met previously through my local church.  We were both in line waiting to check out and the usual small talk began. Let’s just say that I wasn’t prepared for the can of worms I was getting ready to open up when I asked him, “How’s your day?”

He began to tell me this horrible story of how he doesn’t know if his family will be able to stay in the area because his business is going through a really hard time. He told me that he had enough work, but also had over $300,000 in accounts receivable that he hasn’t been able to collect.

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Krueger & James Honored As One Of Kansas City’s “25 Under 25″

Post written by Deena James, President of Krueger & James | Service Above Self | Proud Grandmother | Woman of Faith | Chiefs Fanatic

In December 2013, Krueger & James Insurance Agency was awarded one of the 25 Under 25 Awards from Thinking Bigger Business.  I can’t even begin to describe the excitement and pride that we felt by being honored with the other 24 outstanding companies.

All companies have less than 25 employees and must possess brains, guts, heart, courage, and determination. Kansas City has quite a broad spectrum of small businesses that represent the very heart of our economy. We all deal daily with struggles but none of us ever give up.

Finding the right words to express how it felt to be selected as one of the city’s best is impossible.

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Wait, I’m Being Sued Over Facebook?

Post written by Scott Pearson, Sales Manager at Krueger & James Insurance/ Christian/Civil War Nerd/Future Scratch Golfer

Since the beginning of time, kids have said mean and thoughtless things to each other. Until recently, it was usually only heard by the person being taunted and maybe a few of their friends.

But today, with the emergence of social media, unkind or even vicious comments can be read by hundreds or even thousands of people in seconds. Many of us have heard the story about the young girl being harassed by social media to the point she committed suicide. This type tragedy is becoming all too common. Society, and especially parents, are having to learn to cope with this type of harassment. We’re starting to see where courts are now being asked to evaluate the damage and define to what extent the bullies and their parents are culpable.

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Quick Thought: Don’t Settle For The Status Quo

Post written by Brad James, Customer Service Representative, Krueger & James Insurance

Recently our local grocery store changed hands and it was amazing to see how much of a difference that seemed to make in the attitude of all of their employees.

Prior to that, you walked into the dimly lit store and there were four or five cashiers standing around talking about their daily lives and not seeming to take much pride in their job or the customers around them. 

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