What We Know Today About 2015 And The Affordable Care Act

Post written by Jason Forge, Insurance Agent | Avid Golfer | Service Above Self | Family Man

There are several changes surrounding the Affordable Care Act being made for 2015 and I’m sure there will be even more to come in the weeks, months and years ahead.

With that in mind, I wanted to share a few of the changes we know about today. Keep in mind that things are changing quickly in this space and this is what we know as of today:

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Do You Drive For Your Job? Then You’ll Want To Know About Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance

Post written by Scott Pearson, Sales Manager at Krueger & James Insurance  

It’s a typical Midwest winter morning. It snowed 3 inches the night before and the city’s street crews have already been out clearing the roads. You make it safely to work, check your schedule and now you’re off to an appointment.

You warm up your car, pull out of the parking lot, but in an instant see an on coming car that’s going way too fast. You hit your brakes and avoid the oncoming car but your car skids on the wet road and hits another car that was backing out of a parking space.

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Workers Compensation 101: Not All Policies Are The Same

Post written by Deena James, President of Krueger & James | Service Above Self | Proud Grandmother | Woman of Faith | Chiefs Fanatic

Are you like so many that believe that all workers’ compensation policies are the same?  Since the benefits paid under a workers’ compensation policy are set by the particular state your business is in, why wouldn’t you want to buy the least expensive policy available, right?

Well, let me tell you why there’s more to this policy than meets the eye and why choosing the right carrier can make a big difference…

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Identity Theft: Are You Prepared?

Post written by Brad James, Customer Service Representative 

Yes, that’s right, with Home Depot, Target, eBay, and other businesses that didn’t make the news, chances are your information has either already been hit or is out there waiting to be hit.

In many cases, the “hit” doesn’t lead to any major issues – just the headache of having to change all your credit cards, bank accounts, and credit monitoring.

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What A Bike Ride On Vacation Can Teach You About Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Post written by Joseph Herren, Insurance Professional at Krueger & James Insurance Agency | Exercise Enthusiast | Family Man | Devoted Christ Follower

While on vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina this summer with my wife Megan and two daughters Hannah and Emily, we had an experience that I just have to share with you.

My seven year old daughter Hannah decided that she wanted to ride a bike down the beach. For those of you reading this that have never been to Hilton Head, riding a bike on the beach is a very normal thing to do. So the four of us got on bikes and started down the beach. Megan took the lead, then Hannah, followed by me towing Emily.

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